System Administration Graphical Design
11 april 2011

Creating an illustration for main page

The RDS Group of Companies is the industrial conctruction group comprising a number of companies that provide specialized services on the construction market of Vladivostok.

The illustration on the main page should somehow point to the status of the Group of Companies, should show that the company is constantly developing, the new projects are being implemented, the new buildings are being built.

As always we provided the client with the sketch first demonstrating the general idea:

The client asked for some insignificant corrections and we continued working on the illustration. Over the rough 3D model the designer began placing other elements of the illustration. The result of the first development phase is shown below:

Middle phase:

The completed illustration looks as follows. Two flags in the sky serve as a switch between Russian and English version of the website.

Below is the full-sized fragment of the completed illustration.

The full-sized illustration can be found at