When Dramatic Visions began providing hosting services in 2003, the struggle to find reliable, affordable technical support for our servers commenced...
Becky Wolff, President, Dramatic Visions, LLC
System Administration Graphical Design


1. System/Networking administration

Monthly Payment 
24x7 Monitoring$50
24x7 Server Maintenance$150
24x7 Router/Switch Maintenance$150
24x7 Technical Support$1500
Fixed Rates 
Hourly work (troubleshooting, custom configuration)$60
Linux/Windows server setup$100
Bandwidth Monitoring setup$100
Security audit (server or networking equipment)$150/device
BGP configuration$150

2. Design

Main page design gives your website a face. The main page is always designed first, the client can see how certain
elements (header, footer, navigation menu, banners, etc.) will be arranged on the website.
16+ h  
Inner page is a standard page on your website setting styles and fonts and performing the informational function.
We give particular emphasis to the design process of this page so that it can positively affect the text perception.
2 - 4 h
We define catalog, gallery and contact us page as specific pages. We spend more time developing the design for
these pages if compared to the inner page - as a rule these pages appear to be the main filling of the website and attract
the most attention, and we make it work this way.
3 - 6 h
Web Graphics 
Icon1 - 3 h
The graphic elements on your website may include stoppers as well. This element performs the ad function and
attracts visitor's attention to a certain section or page on your website.
2 - 8 h
The illustration unlike the stopper does not perform the ad function. We distinguish between 2 types of illustration.
The process of photo illustration development comprises selection and purchase of illustration from the image
stock and its further processing according to the client's requirements.
6 - 8 h
However, every client want to demonstrate the uniqueness in the market, and more often the clients ask  us to develop
the exclusive illustration. First we provide the client with the concept (sketch), then work over the details and the client
finally gets completely unique product.
8 - 16 h
HTML Layout 
When all the mockups are completed and approved by the client, we pass to the next phase, that is converting the
mockups to HTML. Graphic images of website pages are converted into properly functioning pages.

Main page HTML layout

6+ h   
Inner (text) page HTML layout2+ h
Specific page HTML layout (per 1 page)4+ h
CMS and Programming 
We can also offer you our CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to easily add any information to
your website by yourself. CMS is installed with standard plugins.
$ 540
Additional plugins (per 1)3+ h