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skills and experience

By carefully selecting the best and brightest young minds, we are able to offer the highest quality support services available today. We firmly believe the wisest investment any company can make is the investment in its staff. In its corporate style, Farpost stick to the most recent time management techniques and work process optimization and team building approaches. We also pay much attention to the permanent education and self-improvement of our hand picked team members.

Team Skills
FarPost establishes its operation on several very easy principles: quality, reliability, convenience.

Staff Selection
Most of our team members hold bachelor's degrees and master's degrees in Computer Science. Our team members possess high problem solving and troubleshooting skills. We have many Microsoft and Cisco Systems certified specialists in our team. English is our professionally native and our working language.

Our Team Is Your Team
FarPost Team can act as a part of your company and easily co-exist with your existing staff. Concentrate on marketing and sales parts of your business while FarPost will do all the technical & development work.

We Are Always Online
FarPost operation is 24/7/365. Having redundant connections in many US and Russia datacenters, we guarantee round the clock availability of our team.

Your Customers Are Our Customers
Holding on to personalized approach to each of our clients, we always remember to follow your business requirements.

Our team being the heart of our business is committed to providing excellent problem solving and server perfomance experiences to our customers.